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  • microtech Authorised Economic Operator27.01.2019

    Since 27. January 2019 the microtech GmbH electronic is an Authorised Economic Operator with Reg.-No.: DE AEOC 127148.

    AEOC 127148


    Jens-Uwe Möller

    Man. Sales/Distribution

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  • microtech registered as a European Union trademark13.12.2018

    microtech GmbH electronic: a european quality trademark

    Since 13.12.2018, microtech is registered as a European Union trademark at European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) listed in Alicante, Spain. This is considered as a consistent step in protecting our brand and avoiding damage. We also add as a responsible Supplier another security aspect in supplying our customers with our original goods.

    Certificate European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for microtech GmbH electronic

    The website describes the work of the Office as follows: The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ... was founded as a decentralized agency of the European Union to protect the intellectual property rights of companies and authors in the throughout of the European Union (EU) and beyond. ... EUIPO also houses the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. The Observatory, which was attached to the Office in June 2012, leads together the public and private stakeholders in the fight against piracy and counterfeiting. This makes microtech one of about 18,000 German entries this year.

    Michaela Behrendt
    Managing Director
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  • microtech receives award "Innovator 2018"02.03.2018
    brand eins - Logo Innovator 2018The business magazine brand eins Wissen and Statista GmbH have determined the most innovative companies in German for the third time.

    More than 1,900 company representatives, approx. 400 experts from the Berlin "Institute for Innovation and Technology" as well as approx. 20,000 executives were surveyed.
    As a result, 496 companies from 20 sectors were honored as "Innovator 2018", of which an award went to our company, the microtech GmbH electronic.

                          Certificate Innovator 2018

    We are naturally proud of this award. At the same time, however, it is an incentive for us to further increase our capability to continue reliable supply our customers
    with chip resistors.


    Christian Tandler
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  • Prime Minister Dr. Dietmar Woidke was a guest09.03.2017

    Prime Minister Dr. Dietmar Woidke was a guest at microtech GmbH electronic

    Within the framework of his visit to prominent companies in Brandenburg, Prime Minister Dr. Dietmar Woidke was a guest at microtech GmbH electronic in Teltow on 8 February 2017. After a production round and the subsequent discussion with the managing directors Joachim Barthel and Michaela Behrendt, Dr. Woidke expressed his impressions: "It is astonishing which expertise is required for the production of an electronic component. The development of your company is impressive, especially in the context of such a complex technology and trading structure."

    Prime Minister Dr. Dietmar Woidke was a guest at microtech GmbH electronic

    Dr.Woidke emphasized the important cooperation between science and business and praised Berlin / Brandenburg as one of Germany's best scientific locations. The state government would like to further promote this cooperation and, for this reason, actively supports various cooperation agreements between entrepreneurship and science in favor of the latter and in favor of the people of Brandenburg. Also between microtech GmbH electronic and the University of Cottbus, as well as the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam, preparatory discussions are planned to explore the potentials of technology-oriented and concrete research.

    Managing Director Michaela Behrendt was particularly impressed by the technical understanding of the Prime Minister and said:  "We are pleased with the estimation of the state's governor and are proud that microtech GmbH electronic has found its place as a high-performance top company not only in Brandenburg but also internationally."

    Before the Minister President concluded his visit, he thanked again for the warm welcome and the passion with which the management and every single employee behind microtech GmbH electronic stands.

    We were pleased with the honor of the visit and the associated reputation and would also like to invite Dr. Angela Merkel to convince herself of the enormous performance of the German middle class.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
    Sales & Marketing
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  • electronica 2016 a great success07.12.2016
    Three weeks ago the electronica 2016 in Munich came to an end. We like to thank all visitors at our booth for interesting discussions, good and new proposals and a lot of praise for our work of the last years. Therefor we like to thank all our employees, suppliers, co-operation partners and logisticians, because this fabulous result would not be possible without them.

    Fortunately there have been initial approaches for business, which will cover our attention the coming weeks and months. For instance we could lay the foundation stone for distributing our resistors in further countries like Canada, Spain, Turkey and Great Britain.
    Beneath our customers a lot of new purchasers, developers and decision makers from all the various parts of the electronic industry, together with representatives of our competitors came to visit our booth. In the same way the representatives of the inter-trade organisition ZVEI and of the IHK Brandenburg came to us for catching the latest news about our company.  

    The fair has shown once more impressively how microtech GmbH electronic made its way and secured its position as a German manufacturer under the pressure of the international competition.
    We could strengthen our position through the electronica 2016 and we are prepared for
    the challenges of the coming years.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
    Sales & Marketing


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  • microtech wins award "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes"05.09.2016
    Mittelstandspreis 2016 - Oskar-Patzelt Foundation
    At the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" award gala on September 03.2016 in Dresden, microtech GmbH electronic CEO Joachim Barthel could take over the Oskar of the Oskar Patzelt foundation as one of three winners for the region Berlin/Brandenburg.

    Award microtech "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2016

    With participants from politics, economy and media this years awardees and finalists from Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Berlin/Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have been honoured.

    Mr. Barthel, microtech GmbH electronic, "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2016

    There are three companies from each region of the competition was honoured as laureate plus five more as finalist. For the 2016 competition nationwide more than 1400 institutions and celebrities nominated 4796 small and midsize companies, banking institutions or town councils. Thereof 292 from Berlin/Brandenburg.

    Winners "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2016

    The family owned company microtech GmbH electronic is manufacturer of smd chip resistors, sensors and resistor arrays since its foundation in 1990. All parts were developed, manufactured and exported all over the world from the tradional location in Teltow.

    With little more than 50 employees the company conquered its place as quality supplier for national and international companies of the electronic industry and was honoured for its quality more than once.

    Allthough microtech GmbH electronic is aligned international the award as Berlin/Brandenburg winner confirms anew the direction oft he management to emphasise also on regional partnership and to let regional companies take part at the success.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
    Sales / Marketing
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  • microtech on the „jurylist“ again03.06.2016
    Mittelstandspreis 2016 - Oskar-Patzelt StiftungOn Thursday 02.06.2016 the documents for reaching the jurylist of the Oskar Patzelt Stiftung „Großer Preis des Mittelstandes“ were handed over at the IHK Potsdam by Brandenburgs state secretary for economy and energy, Hendrik Fischer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of the IHK Potsdam.

    Michaela Behrendt, CEO of microtech GmbH electronic took over the documents personally. Likewise every year since the first participation in 2012 microtech reached the jurylist and is trustful to be a part of the winners and finalists at the 3rd September in Dresden again.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
    Sales / Marketing
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  • microtech awarded again25.04.2016
    microtech GmbH electronic awarded again with the seal „Innovative through research“ for 2016/2017

    After been first awarded 2014/2015 by the „Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft“ microtech GmbH electronic was now honoured again for two more years with the seal „Innovative through research“.

    Innovation agency for the German science system - Your partner for precision resistors, networks and sensors

    Since 2014 the Stifterverband recognizes researching companies for their special responsibility, they take over for nation and society with the seal „Innovative through research“.  
    In Germany there are 3.5 million companies, less then 1 percentage of them do research – an extremely significant group. Only by research it is possible to discover news and to develop innovation and growth.
    We are proud to be one of this companies.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
    Sales / Marketing


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  • 25 years microtech GmbH electronic01.10.2015
    25 years values! Also in ohms.
    On 4 October 1990, the first all-German working day, Joachim Barthel, owner and CEO of microtech GmbH electronic, together with another co-founder registered the company in the commercial register Potsdam and thus sealed the privatization.

    Our highly automated production based in Germany manufactures a total of more than 400 million chip resistors and sensors p.a. in two different manufacturing technologies: thin and thick film. Nine different sizes are in 18 standard product lines with three possible contact versions, as well as special or customized series for automotive applications. Combined with the diverse used resistance values also outside the E-series values, the production spectrum is enormously extensive and flexible.
    With our high level of vertical integration of the graphics and layout design for our own sieve production through distribution and contractual logistics processing to shipping, our customer gets everything from one source.

    Michaela Behrendt

    25 years microtech GmbH electronic - Article inside MAZ, 10/01/2015


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  • microtech reaches for the stars03.06.2015

    microtech GmbH electronic has been nominated by the Siemens industrial section “Motion Control” for the supplier award “Our stars for MC”.

    Siemens BestOverall MotionControl 2015Out of the more than 300 most important suppliers for the business division Motion Control the five best in each case were nominated in five categories: Key Account, Quality, Logistics, R&D and Best Overall and were invited on April 29th into the location “Ofenwerk” in Nuremberg.

    The nomination ceremony followed after a daily program with intensive discussions and workgroups between Siemens employees and the suppliers under the topic “Best Practice”.

    microtech GmbH electronic was nominated for the first time in the category „Best Overall“ for the best five suppliers and the managing director Michaela Behrendt insisted to receive the nomination certificate personally.

    “This is a great honour and a special decoration for microtech GmbH electronic. My thanks go to my fantastic team. Only the collective performance makes it possible to fulfil our own and the requirements of our customers. Over all this nomination is mainly incentive for us to meet the challenge of all our customers every day.” stated Behrendt.
    Through our quality as supplier and through the quality of our products we are convinced to hold our place in the circle of the best and to be on top over the next years.

    Jan Hendrik Wollmann
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