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microtech reaches for the stars03.06.2015

microtech GmbH electronic has been nominated by the Siemens industrial section “Motion Control” for the supplier award “Our stars for MC”.

Siemens BestOverall MotionControl 2015Out of the more than 300 most important suppliers for the business division Motion Control the five best in each case were nominated in five categories: Key Account, Quality, Logistics, R&D and Best Overall and were invited on April 29th into the location “Ofenwerk” in Nuremberg.

The nomination ceremony followed after a daily program with intensive discussions and workgroups between Siemens employees and the suppliers under the topic “Best Practice”.

microtech GmbH electronic was nominated for the first time in the category „Best Overall“ for the best five suppliers and the managing director Michaela Behrendt insisted to receive the nomination certificate personally.

“This is a great honour and a special decoration for microtech GmbH electronic. My thanks go to my fantastic team. Only the collective performance makes it possible to fulfil our own and the requirements of our customers. Over all this nomination is mainly incentive for us to meet the challenge of all our customers every day.” stated Behrendt.
Through our quality as supplier and through the quality of our products we are convinced to hold our place in the circle of the best and to be on top over the next years.

Jan Hendrik Wollmann