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microtech GmbH electronic
Oderstraße 42
D-14513 Teltow

Phone: +49 3328 30824-0
Fax: +49 3328 30824-30

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Our premise: Your succes

For more over 20 years, the brand microtech proved on German, European and the international market. Our competitiveness particularly challenging in the resistance assortment of thin-film technology and thick-film technology for accurate, especially high- and low-value resistors. Since the world's first series production of a thin film chip resistor in the size of 0603 by microtech GmbH electronic, we provide our daily innovation and technical competence.

Modern galvanic for thick film and thin film technology

Our premise: Your customer satisfaction

Customer orientation and proximity inside the microtech GmbH electronic are lived daily. We quickly learn to 'speak your language'. We convince with short standard delivery times. For faster and more convenient supply all major logistic systems will be implemented reliably and independently operated.
Soft skills such as making high reliability, flexibility, service and professionalism making us to your ideal partner. The clear structures and ambitious self-demands of a family-run company are our guarantee for your enthusiasm.

Our aim: Best-in-class supplier.

Modern logistics

Our premise: Your security of supply

The observation of the market shows the increasing global demand and short-term replacement of radicalism since the middle of 2008. Attributes such as reliability and durability of a strategic partnership will increase the market decisively important in the future. The microtech GmbH electronic has focused its strengths precisely to this need, and lives the philosophy successfully for decades of years. The microtech GmbH electronic is setting the continued development and ongoing maintenance in the long term oriented relationships to the foreground.

One of the most important, large global corporations, has listed the microtech GmbH electronic as a strategic worldwide preferred supplier because of this business philosophy.

Supplier rating microtech

The management system of the microtech GmbH electronic is certified according ISO/TS 16949:2009 for years and is regularly audited. As a responsible manufacturer in Germany, our processes are constantly monitored and documented by environmental technologies. The microtech GmbH electronic has signed the Code of Condact of the ZVEI's commitment and thus manifests the global social responsibility.

Modern prober technology for production control

All components comply with the relevant DIN and CECC standards and are compliant with RoHS since 1995.