Company Policy

For high quality standards of the products as well as for the supplier microtech, for a customer relationship as partners and for a strategic balanced orientation of the branch specific portfolio, Joachim Barthel and Michaela Behrendt, his successor in leading the company, are personally fully responsible. Flexibility and customer focus is our daily lived work routine.

The demand for high quality in the family run business microtech follows an easy assumption: 100% zero-defect products. Therefore we invest continuously in modern fabrication- and inspection equipment, scientific innovation and of course focus on a multilevel quality control during our highly automated production.

At microtech we live holistic social responsibility. This starts with a family friendly corporate culture, includes the social responsibility within the global versatile corporate activities and protects human beings, nature and environment consequently. Besides all necessary certificates our management respects the ZVEI Code of Conduct for social responsibility. ZVEI-Code of Conduct This guideline defines what is meant by social responsibility particularly regarding working conditions, social- and environmental tolerance as well as transparency, trustful cooperation and dialog.

We have a responsibility

As a manufacturer of high quality electronic components, it is our goal to meet our responsibility for the environment and the following generations. This means that we are not only provide our customers with quality products but to produce them in accordance with the applicable environmental protection guidelines. We demonstrate with our products and their production processes that the environmental protection and most modern technologies does not exclude each other but form a unity, for years.

Our environmental management based on environmental policy ensures, that the environmental impact of our products and processes is the subject of a continuous improvement process. By training and information at the workplace we ensure, that all employees of the company are sensitized for the goals of our environmental policy. The management reviews the compliance with the environmental policy, objectives, legal requirements and the effectiveness of environmental processes and steps periodically.

Mit der Anerkennung des ZVEI-Code of Conduct bekennen wir uns öffentlich zu unserer gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung zum Schutz von Mensch, Natur und Umwelt innerhalb unserer Unternehmenstätigkeit.

For us, the ecological responsibility is an integral part of our overall corporate and social responsibility.